We are aware that there are important and complex differences between the health of men and women. Because they deal with numerous reproductive issues. More than 70% of women nowadays experience reproductive issues, which have a negative impact on both their bodies and their lives. Tubal obstruction is one of the key issues that women’s health experts are concerned about. Ayufertility clinic’s Tubal Blockage Treatment in Delhi is one of the best available solutions for tubal blockages in females.

Every woman experiences tension and melancholy after hearing the term “surgery,” as nobody wants to have surgery because of all the risks and difficulties involved. Find the top therapy for tubal obstruction in Delhi. So, the question on every woman’s mind is: Is there any natural cure for fallopian tube blockage? 

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Best Fallopian Tubal Blockage Treatment in Delhi 

The patient recommended laparoscopy, a costly and invasive surgical treatment, for tubal obstruction. However, at Ayu Fertility, tubal blockage specialist Dr. Prashant Jain has the best Fallopian Tubal Blockage Treatment in Delhi and resolves tubal blockages without surgery or discomfort at a reasonable price.

The Ayurvedic approach can help, thus the answer is yes. The Best Ayurvedic Doctor in Delhi Dr. Prashant Jain (BAMS, MD, Ph.D.) offers a therapy for fallopian tube obstruction that is free of pain and incisions. With the help of Ayurveda, you can say no to all of your issues, including reproductive issues. 

What is Tubal Blockage? 

The fallopian tubes help direct the maturing egg from the ovaries towards the uterus. There are two functional tubes, one on each side of the uterus. Moreover, a woman has blocked fallopian tubes, also known as tubal factor infertility, at the point where an obstruction prevents the egg from travelling down the cylinder.

However, infertility affects 40% of women who are infertile and can occur on either of the two sides. The medical term for obstructed fallopian tubes is tubal occlusion. In the Ayurvedic Female Infertility Treatment in Delhi, since they are where fertilisation occurs, they are essential to the conception process. Symptoms of obstructed fallopian tubes in women are numerous. The primary cause of infertility is tubal obstruction.Besides, if there is any residual scar tissue from a previous surgery, it could result in a tubal or fallopian tube blockage.

What Are The Main Reasons For a Blocked Fallopian Tube?

A pelvic inflammatory infection is the most prevalent cause of obstructed fallopian tubes (PID). In the Tubal Blockage Treatment in Delhi and research, although PID is a clearly transmitted illness’s side result, not all pelvic contaminants are associated with STDs. Additionally, a background defined by PID or pelvic contamination increases the risk of blocked tubes regardless of whether PID is ever again present. However, there are numerous natural remedies available for blocked fallopian tubes.

  • History of uterine contamination brought on by an early birth or a failed labour;
  • Present or past exposure to an STD, specifically chlamydia or gonorrhoea; 
  • History of a cracked reference section
  • A history of stomach surgery; 
  • A previous ectopic pregnancy; 
  • Previous surgeries involving the fallopian tubes; 
  • Endometriosis

You should keep an eye out for these common reasons of fallopian tube obstruction. How can one discover if they have a tubal obstruction? Therefore, there are several indications that you can look out for in your body when your fallopian tube is blocked in order to self-diagnose.

Tubal Blockage Signs Include

No symptoms are present in tubal obstruction. Many women are not aware that their tubes are clogged or blocked until they experience difficulty in getting pregnant. Moreover, as per the Ayurvedic Doctor Online Consultation by Dr. Prashant Jain, other mild symptoms include: bloating in the abdomen, back pain, pelvic pain, and heavy menstruation.

The nicest feeling in the world is giving birth to a child, but what if there are some serious issues present? Infertility issues can also result from tubal obstruction. Let’s read more about how tubal obstruction affects fertility.

What Are The Main Effects on Fertility?

Infertility frequently occurred due to blocked fallopian tubes. In order to fertilise the eggs and sperm, they must meet in the fallopian tube. Nonetheless, a blocked tube can prevent this from happening. Without medical intervention, pregnancy is impossible if both tubes are completely closed. 

Moreover, the likelihood of an ectopic pregnancy rises if either one or both tubes are partially obstructed. Why do women have to deal with tubal obstruction issues?

The Following Are The Reasons of Tubal Obstruction:

  • Inflammatory diseases of the pelvis.
  • Endometriosis and a few other sexually transmitted diseases
  • History of Tuberculosis; 
  • Post-Abdominal Surgery; 
  • Any Missed Abortion History

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