Ayurveda is the science of life and the philosophy that gives society its fullness.   Ayurveda does not list infertility as an illness. It is a condition that develops as a result of different illnesses or disorders that affect the menstrual cycle and hormonal balance. In contrast to unexplained infertility in modern science, Ayurveda believes that infertility is always caused for a reason. Since we have the best Female Infertility Treatment in Delhi, Dr. Prashant Jain (BAMS, MD, Ph.D.) provides excellent fertility treatment there and various fertility tests for women.

The inability of a woman to conceive a child is known as infertility. This is the result of regular sexual activity without the use of contraception for a whole year. For the couple, it is a physical and a psychological issue. Other than this, there are no identifiable symptoms of infertility. It can be concluded after doing fertility tests for women.

female infertility treatment in Delhi

Best Female Infertility Treatment in Delhi

The treatment for infertility in women has hope thanks to ayu fertility. We address the underlying reasons for infertility using Ayurvedic methods to find a cure. We perform an Ayurvedic Prakriti Analysis to determine the bodily constitution of the pair, and we then address any concerns with lifestyle management, Ayurvedic medicines, and treatment, providing reproductive support for both men and women to successfully conceive. 

While waiting for something you know won’t happen is difficult, giving up when you know this is the only thing you want is even more difficult. The Ayurvedic Female Infertility Specialist in Delhi, our doctor, focuses on the total regeneration of the reproductive system while taking into account all the infertility-related factors. and so, enhance the reproductive system for effective ovulation, fertilization, and conception. This will also improve the quality of sperm as well as the ovum. 

Female Infertility Scientific Reasons

  1. Fallopian tube damage can hinder contact between the egg and sperm. Fallopian tubes help in sending eggs from the ovaries to the uterus. Scarring and damage to the fallopian tube are potential side effects of pelvic infections, endometriosis, and pelvic operations which requires fertility treatment for women.
  2. Hormonal factors – Some women experience ovulation issues. No synchronized hormonal changes cause the ovary to release an egg and the endometrium, the uterus lining, to thicken in preparation for the fertilized egg. As a result, the implantation window is incorrect. And leads to infertility problems in females.
  3. Cervical causes: A tiny subset of females may have a cervical disorder that prevents sperm from passing through the cervical canal.
  4. polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS): This disease of the cervical canal that affects many women may prevent sperm from passing. It is found in large while fertility test in women is done.
  5. Obesity: Hormonal and metabolic issues cause ovulation to be interrupted in obese patients. Weight loss of 5 to 10 kg can improve ovulation and boost natural conception rates by 30 to 40%.
  6. Poor egg quality – Conception is delayed when either the sperm or the egg has chromosomal abnormalities. Additionally, such conceptions result in congenitally defective or early abortions.
  7. Endometriosis is when the uterine lining, or endometrium, which sheds monthly, develops outside the uterus. Due to its potential to result in ovulation issues and tubal obstructions, endometriosis is a significant contributor to infertility.
  8. In female infertility treatment in Delhi, Stress Factor includes Depression or poor self-esteem also are the causes.
  9. According to Ayurveda, hyperacidity is one of the significant factors of infertility in women. It causes the temperature of the female reproductive system to rise above normal, which prevents sperm or embryo survival.

Highest Sucess Rate Female Infertility Treatment in Delhi

The best fertility treatment for women is used by Ayu Fertility. The most pressing issue currently in Delhi is female infertility therapy. The top infertility specialist in Delhi, Ayu Fertility, has helped both couples who desire to have healthy children and those who have experienced IVF failures. For Ayurvedic Female Infertility Treatment in Delhi, we adhere to the genuine ayurvedic Samhita therapy procedure.

Moreover, with the use of specific Ayurvedic infertility therapies and Ayurvedic purification methods, our goal is to provide the finest treatment to address infertility, polycystic ovaries (PCOD), ovulatory dysfunction, endometriosis, tubal blockages, oligospermia problems (Detoxification).

Causes of Female Infertility

  • The cause of infertility again depends on the pathological conditions of sperm, ovum, and uterus.
  • Ovulation disorders affect the release of eggs from the ovaries. This could be a result of hormonal disorders such as polycystic ovary syndrome.
  • Uterine or cervical abnormalities
  • Fallopian tube damage or blockage
  • Endometriosis occurs when endometrial tissue grows outside of the uterus
  • Other causes are immune system diseases and certain genetic conditions such as Turner syndrome
  • Lack of nutrition
  • Improper eating habits, eating excessive spicy, oily, salty, or unhealthy foods
  • Unhealthy sleeping habits
  • Working in extremely hot or cold conditions, stress
  • Unhealthy lifestyle and food habits such as alcohol intake and smoking

A Specific Approach Through Ayurveda

  • Counseling and assurance
  • Detoxification through Panchakarma
  • Strengthening the uterus and boosting the functions of the ovary using specific Panchakarma
  • Following rituals of pre-conception care
  • Medication that promotes fertilization, implantation, and growth of an embryo
  • Diets and regimen accordingly

Dr. Prashant Jain’s Conclusion

Therefore, contact us at the top infertility clinic in Delhi, Ayu Fertility, if you need a fertility specialist or are experiencing female infertility symptoms. Ayu Fertility ayurvedic doctor online consultation is the answer to all of your questions about infertility and can help you conceive naturally. Our fertility treatment for women fees is quite affordable and significantly less than those for IVF. 

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