The multi-specialty clinic Ayu Fertility provides a wide range of services for receiving top-notch ayurvedic care for pcod/pcos. Our clinic employs highly qualified doctors with specialized knowledge of an ayurvedic doctor for pcod pcos. The clinic is well-equipped with the most recent tools and technology needed to give each patient an integrated course of care. Through our Ayurvedic gynecologist, we provide total support for a variety of women’s health issues, including PCOS, infertility, irregular menstruation, etc. This involves recommending a healthy diet, lifestyle changes, and medicine using ayurvedic herbs for long-term relief.

ayurvedic doctor for pcod and pcos

Best Ayurvedic Doctor For PCOD and PCOS With Highest Success Rate Treatment

According to the Best Ayurvedic Doctor Dr. Prashant Jain, Although initially harmless, they will eventually cause the body to experience a number of issues. PCOS is the root of more than 70% of ovarian issues. An expert in ayurvedic gynecology, Dr. Prashant Jain. He is a specialist in infertility and PCOS and is considered to be among Delhi’s top PCOS experts. He can assist you successfully.

Women who have reached puberty are now more likely than ever to get PCOS or PCOD. A wide range of primary and secondary health issues in the body can result from having PCOS or PCOD. As per research and ayurvedic doctor for pcos, Infertility is among the most unsettling symptoms of PCOD. Small cysts can be found all over the ovaries, giving rise to the name polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

The doctor will first comprehend your complaints before beginning polycystic ovary treatment. A female might experience the following:

  • Some women have periods that are extremely protracted, erratic, or infrequently heavy. Additionally, it is one of the PCOS symptoms that women experience the most frequently. Women frequently ignore their irregular periods as a side consequence of their stressed lives and pay little attention to this front.
  • Abundant androgen- In some situations, women’s levels of male hormones may be increased or excessive, which can lead to excessive body hair, facial hair, male-pattern baldness, and severe acne.
  • Ovaries with cysts- When a lady has enlarged ovaries with follicles surrounding the eggs, the polycystic ovary PCOS treatment in Delhi is also advised.

Causes of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOD)

The ayurvedic doctor for pcod will try to identify the root of the issue before you receive PCOD treatment in Delhi and Delhi-NCR. The following criteria are taken into account: 

  • High insulin levels: In order for the body to utilize sugar as its main source of energy, the pancreas creates insulin. In some circumstances, cells become resistant to insulin, which causes the body to produce more insulin, raising blood sugar levels. Additionally, too much insulin may boost the synthesis of androgen, which might interfere with ovulation.
  • Minor inflammation: When the body creates components for white blood cells to combat various illnesses, this is referred to as low-grade inflammation. A specific kind of low-grade inflammation is present in women with PCOS, and it stimulates the polycystic ovaries to produce androgens. It may eventually result in issues with the blood vessels and heart.
  • Heredity: PCOS can also run in the family for certain women. If there is a family history of the same, it may also exist.
  • Abundant androgen: Because of the high quantities of androgen in the body, androgen overproduction causes hirsutism and acne.

The reasons, kind, and age of the patient are frequently taken into consideration while choosing a PCOS treatment.

Types of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

The appropriate therapy will be suggested by the ayurvedic doctor for PCOS Treatment depending on the results of the necessary tests to determine which form of PCOS a woman has. These are the four different kinds of polycystic ovary syndrome. PCOS conditions such as insulin resistance, pill-induced PCOS, inflammatory PCOS, and hidden COS.

Treatment for PCOD and PCOS in Delhi By Dr. Prashant Jain

Dr. Prashant Jain is the best ayurvedic doctor for PCOS/PCOD in Delhi and India. Moreover, offers treatment for PCOD and PCOS with the highest success rate and ayurvedic guidance. However, our ayurvedic center at ayu fertility assists people to manage their specific difficulties, such as obesity, acne, hirsutism, infertility, etc. Nonetheless, an ayurvedic doctor for pcod and an ayurvedic doctor for PCOS might advise combining different types of therapy to treat the illness. 

Ayurvedic is The Best Option to Treat PCOD and PCOS

A healthy lifestyle, good eating habits, exercise, and the appropriate Ayurvedic medicine can all be used to treat PCOS. There is evidence to support the effectiveness of Ayurveda as a safe, all-natural treatment for PCOS. Make contact with an Ayurvedic Female Infertility Specialist in Delhi Dr. Prashant Jain (BAMS, MD, Ph.D.) to learn more about this condition and how Ayurveda can help you manage it successfully.

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